Janser Professional Quality Carpet Tools Range


Carpet remains fashionable throughout homes and commercial offices, with multiple tools required to ensure the carpet is installed, fitted and finished correctly to a high standard. We provide a vast collection of quality carpet tools, for an array of flooring projects, such as floor preparation for carpet, carpet installation, carpet cutting tools and much more.

Our dolphin knife is a particular best seller throughout our collection, as it is easy to work with and offers a clean cut finish every time. We supply a variety of carpet trimmers too, for all different types of carpet, with our carpet shears range offering 6 inch napping shears, to large 12 inch de-luxe heavy duty shears.
Our vast range consists further of carpet heat seaming irons, heat seaming tapes, carpet knee kickers and power stretcherscarpet whipping tools and more, you will struggle to choose. We can supply you with the right, efficient tools for every stage of a carpet project.

Please browse through our quality carpet tools range below, and select any links above which maybe relevant to your requirements. If you wish to seek our experts advice on the best tools for your project, please contact us and we shall be able to guide you to the right tools. You may also wish to submit an enquiry on any of our products and we shall respond as quickly as possible.