Janser Carpet Scraper Machine Range for Stripping Floors


Janser provides various carpet fitting and finishing tools, however preparing for laminate or further carpet to be laid is a process which must be achieved via stripping a floor from its current condition via quality machinery first.

Whether you'd prefer a hand-held long carpet scraper or a heavy duty carpet scraper machine, depending on the scale of the flooring project you're working on, we can help. Hand-held floor scrapers displayed throughout this category are favourites, due to how easy-to-use they are, however you may wish to purchase the longer versions if you wish to scrap from a standing position.

Our carpet scraper machine range offers a choice between a lighter power stripper, or a variety of hydraulic self propelled machines all shown below, select the pictures for further details of each. Our floor stripping and scrapping tools and machines are easy to operate and easy to transport, with different blades available. Our Janser STRATO carpet scraper machine range is designed for a working environment.  

If you would like to find out more about our carpet scraper machine range for a flooring project you're working on, then simply contact us today, for a more detailed discussion to ensure you select the right tools.