Janser Efficient Carpet Stretcher Range


We believe in supplying the most efficient and easy to use tools and machines to all our customers, with a massive range to choose from. Our carpet stretcher range have different features each ensuring the best possible results, including adjustable pin depths for different carpet thicknesses, non-marking rubber pads, spare tool tubes and more.

Our Carpet Knee Kicker range is very popular for their adjustable lengths, wide heads, thick buffer pads etc. each amazingly priced. All our carpet stretching tools will protect your flooring, they will gently grab without snagging and pull carpet towards a wall or seam, with any excess carpet requiring a neat trim after to finish to perfection, perhaps with one of our Dolphin Knives.


Carpet Stretcher
Double Headed Carpet Stretcher


To view the rest of our Power Stretchers and Carpet Knee Kickers range, simply select the link. If you have any questions in regards to our carpet stretcher range, please contact us today and we will make sure you're choosing the best tools for a project.