Janser provide cold welding vinyl flooring liquids


If you are looking to install cold welding vinyl flooring, then look no further, we can supply you with the best liquids and accessories which will assist you to complete the job.

We provide the perfect solutions for both cold welding type A and cold welding type C, with a 44g tube which covers approx 15 metres and a 132g tube, which covers approximately 60m. Or perhaps you are looking for the ideal welding nozzle tip to apply the liquid, which we can also supply.

Cold Welding Vinyl Flooring Image

Cold Welding Vinyl Flooring Liquid

If you are wish to buy in bulk, we have special distributor deals available. Type A should be used when welding new, clean, seams, which are closely cut, ensuring a strong joint. A 4 /5mm "bleed" of liquid on the surface of the flooring is standard.

Type C is primarily used for repair work or poorly cut seams, and give a much wider seam.

For more information about any of the above specifications, please select the links. If you have any questions about our flooring equipment range, please do not hesitate to contact us today.