Janser's Highly Efficient Dust Extractor Janvac


We provide a large variety of different flooring tools and equipment. A popular choice when preparing floors, is our dust extractor Janvac 1600 machines, with both 110v and 230v options available. You will find the dust extractor Janvac is perfect to combine with some of our Columbus models, to efficiently grind flooring, whilst remaining dust free.

It has a 1200 watt motor and a machine weight of 15kg. The airflow is powerful, and a fantastic source of vacuum, ideal if you need to use regularly at a building site or somewhere extremely dusty.


Dust Extractor Janvac Image
Dust Extractor Janvac


We also supply a 'Separator' filter machine for Janvac, which ensures only the finest dust particles enter the main extraction unit, whilst reducing wear on the extractor filter system. This will prolong the products life expectancy and suction power.

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If you have any questions about our dust extractor or any of our flooring equipment, simply call us or complete our contact form today.