Janser Easy to Use Protimeter Moisture Sensors


Whether you are looking to detect moisture in a wall or in the floor of a property, we can help allocate the best equipment for you. Our Protimeter Moisture Sensors each work in a similar way, measuring and displaying a simple reading on their screens. If there is a damp problem, our handy machines will identify it in no time.

Some of our Protimeter Moisture Sensors have a search mode, which helps map out any moisture problems, with our Surveymaster easily searching and measuring the exact moisture level detected. Our Protimeter Mini Indicator is ideal if you wish to take a reading from wood. Whereas our new Protimeter MMS2 unit is an "all-in-one" device, which will take four advanced reading modes, including humidity and surface temperature, analysing in more detail, depending on your requirements. We are also introducing a new, re-designed version of our Protimeter Aquant, with ergonomic shaping and intuitive display, with all accessories and technical back-up supplied by Janser too.

Why not carry all your equipment in one of our professional tools boxes and cases making them easy to transport. Please view our range below, and select any images which you wish to view further product specifications for. If you have any questions about our range, simply contact us today.