Janser Vinyl Tile Cutter and Tools Range


We provide a variety of flooring tools, whether you are looking to lay a carpet, tile an area or install laminate, we have the right tools to prepare, cut and finish flooring into every corner.

If you are specifically looking for a vinyl tile cutter, we have a few available to choose from, our Janser tile cutters are particular favourites.

Tile Cutter Image

Vinyl Tile Cutter Range and Tools

Janser provide both a 12 inch vinyl tile cutter and a 24 inch vinyl tile cutter (to cut diagonally), both ideal for fast, precision cutting of vinyl tiles, for most leading manufacturers. They are a high quality USA design, ensuring every project is finished to perfection, with all Janser blades and guides stocked by us.

We also provide a 18 inch alternative vinyl tile cutter, ideal to assist with various sized tiles. Please browse through our further floor cutting tools across our Website.

If you are looking to install vinyl tile flooring and would like more information about the flooring tools available for your project, or you would simply like to know more about any of our vinyl tile cutter range, submit an enquiry or contact us via completing a form or calling us today. Our experts are happy to assist you in choosing the right tools for your project.